Digital Signage

One of the leading software systems for Digital signage in europe

macnetix To realise its successful digital signage system (editIT/playIT), Macnetix co-operates with professional producers and offers high quality devices that have long proven themselves. Among them there is a wide range of door signs and pillars.

The editorial system editIT (‘edit it’) serves the control of the screens as well as the administration of content and system. At the same time the playing software playIT (‘play it’) supplies the screens, respectively the door signs with content. The intelligent draft versions guarantee a simple, elegant, and flexible way of displaying information in pre-defined designs..

editIT/playIT can be used in many versatile ways. Structured interfaces also offer the possibility of integrating data from third systems into the program. This way manual double entries and outdated information on the screen are no longer a problem.

Digital signage and sophisticated design go hand in hand. This component is also indispensable in the use of the software program editIT/playIT. Therefore Macnetix has an own department for this area. It exclusively handles design and programming of multimedia content, as well as the optimization of existent content for DS use.

On the one hand, intelligent drafts that orientate themselves by existing guidelines are created here. On the other hand graphic designers create first designs for large format screens.


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Digital Signage Digital Signage
One of the leading software systems for Digital signage in europe
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