Materials Management System


mbtlogo Any organization that needs to optimally manage the process of procurement replenishment and supply will benefit from the implementation of CHECK. CHECK has been deployed with great success in the hospitality industry for over twenty years. Client satisfaction with core CHECK system functional¬ity has led to its adoption by multi-unit operators across a range of industries.

CHECK systems have been implemented by organizations around the globe in diverse sectors including restaurants, fast food, cafe, bars, roadhouses, resorts and hotels, ships, stadiums and theme parks. CHECK can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements, ensuring that you receive the management information, audit and control processes that your organization requires.

CHECK has been designed to accept both real time and batch transactions, critical to maintaining accurate stock and costing data. Check serves as a valuable supply chain management tool that will deliver strategic management information and substantial cost savings to your business. CHECK is much more than a procurement and inventory control system.

check_image It is a powerful tool that will provide your business with a comprehensive understanding of your supply costs, enabling you to implement effective strategies to control and reduce those costs. By providing critical cost and performance information about your strategic supplies as well as the suppliers, CHECK will help your organization identify opportunities for collaboration with customers and suppliers, as well as manage production, procurement, inventory planning and replenishment as a completely integrated process.

Flexible Deployment

Check SCM is a web-based solution designed for multi-business unit organizations whilst Check EAM is a single business unit solution. We offer our solutions licensed, leased or Software as a Service (SaaS). CHECK provides flexible and powerful templates and filters which allow users to manage site data easily. These also support comparisons and evaluation of site data with user defined views.

CHECK can operate entirely from head office, in an outsourced facility or it can be readily deployed to remote sites. Deployment can be tailored to the operation, management and logistics of your organization by a combination of web and network systems.

Solutions Portfolio

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Materials Management System Materials Management System
CHECK has been designed to accept both real time and batch transactions, critical to maintaining accurate stock and costing data
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