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About HIM Technologies

HIM Technologies does not simply develop websites. We create IT solutions that become an “Idea Amplifier”—giving range, precision and power to ideas. These ideas become the basis for rewarding online experiences that your business can offer to your market.

More importantly, we help you understand how the market responds and behaves toward these ideas and experiences—so you can make this behavior work in your favor.

HIM Technologies, through its parent company, Verbat Technologies, has a significant market presence since 1999, consistently delivering value to businesses in the region. Verbat has a growing client base in the Middle East, Europe and India due to its track record of reliability and excellence.

Our clients include public and private sector companies and pioneers in the hospitality industry, corporate houses, banks and financial institutions, real estate firms, airlines, leisure and tourism companies, retail houses, pharmaceuticals and other large, mid- and small sized businesses.”

Now, Verbat is expanding its client base in the Philippines through HIM Technologies. It is simply the right time to do so, now that the Philippine business milieu is discovering the value of IT solutions.

HIM Technologies develops customized IT solutions to your business. IT solutions that deliver benefits and values that are measurable and grow over time.

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Cut down your real-estate from square feet to KB’s, MB’s and GB’s

We offer dependable, robust and secured hosting solutions for your websites, web applications and emails. HIM Technologies guarantees reliable hosting services helping you to get rid of those downtime nightmares.