Hotel Interactive TV(IPTV)

macnetix Macnetix offers a full hardware range for digital, multimedia television IPTV-HD together with its specialist partners: from the TV device over STB (Set Top Box – connection to the TV terminal), remote control, keyboard, cabling up to network components, servers, and satellite technology. All products are professional, high quality devices that were tested frequently. The core piece of the IPTV-HD-software is the management software, which is delivered including server hardware. The control of the entire system is done here: administration of the channels TV & Pay-TV, EPG, communication STB – Streaming Server DVBX, integration VOD (Video on Demand), Internet, games and additional services like for example weather.

Based on a standard package, the administration can be adapted to the needs, wishes, and ideas of operators and customers in modules. Macnetix offers an adequate portfolio as individual software developer. BUS-systems (data line systems) and LON gateways (EIB- building automation) can be ideally integrated for room control in the development. Here Macnetix draws from the experience of its specialist partners as experts for terminals.

hotech_img2 The selection of TV devices and flat screen is done independently of manufacturer; the STB is controlled via remote control, just as the TV device. The STB is selected according to the special wishes and requirements of the display; the TV device is selected according to the respective end user.

Solutions Portfolio

Internet Access Hospitality Internet Access
We offer a complete Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet management solution
Hotel Interactive TV(IPTV) Hotel Interactive TV(IPTV)
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One of the leading software systems for Digital signage in europe
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nternet enabled Back Office Software System is a specialized Accounting System for certain niche Service Oriented Organizations.
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HR Suite is suitable for both corporate and individual hotels around the world
Fixed Asset Management System Fixed Asset Management System
Fixed Assets Management System primarily helps you keep track record of the Assets
Materials Management System Materials Management System
CHECK has been designed to accept both real time and batch transactions, critical to maintaining accurate stock and costing data
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