Web Design & Development

You - "Hello, I would like get a website designed."

We - "That’s nice, we can help you out"

You - "You see, I am not a technical person. So I don’t know what precisely I would need or may be its that I am familiar with coding but I have lots of other things keeping me busy…"

We - "It is quiet all right; we can definitely guide you through this. Being respectable web designers, our team has a great balance of business analysts who can help you, also we have creative folks who can colour your ideas and coders who can muscle and shape the site."

You - "Thanks, I feel relived! But how do we begin ?"

We - "First of all we need to understand your goals, competition, your uniqueness and what all you would like to attain – is it a basic informative website or web portal with dynamic functionalities? Will you be available any soon for further discussions or you prefer to share a requirement document – an RFP if you have … or any budget set in mind so that we can offer you a specific proposal ?"

You - "Yes for sure, we can consider many options. Can I have your email address and contact details to pass on further details. Can I also take a look at some of your similar work?"

We - "Thank you. Please feel free to email us your requirements on info@him-technologies.com or call us again on Tel. (63 2) 468.9999 / 910.8030. In order to take a look at our clientele, please do visit of our website. Alternately, We can pass on the links of the websites designed by us. For design concepts, we are quiet flexible and hence just would need your brief for the same."

Nowadays, people rate you on the basis of your website!

We build, shape and use the accurate choice of cosmetics to suit your business skin tone. A perfect balance of creativity and technology is at the core of our website design and development services.

It is a challenging task to retain the visitor and offer an easy navigation. According to several researches conducted with respect to websites, visitor’s attention has to be captured within five seconds and this is seldom an easy job.

HIM website design and development team is carefully selected and proportionally grouped to deliver the best of individual capacities.

Cut down your real-estate from square feet to KB’s, MB’s and GB’s

We offer dependable, robust and secured hosting solutions for your websites, web applications and emails. HIM Technologies guarantees reliable hosting services helping you to get rid of those downtime nightmares.