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Today, your online presence has two parts. The first part is your corporate website over which you have full control. The other part is the Social Media Marketing Strategy such as Facebook and Twitter, where your audience can commend or criticize you and where you have very little control. Successful businesses realize this fact and have well-defined plans to participate effectively in social media.

Participating effectively in Social Media Marketing Strategy

It is not just about having a Twitter or Facebook account. It is about creating an effective social media communication, participation and response strategy for your business. A well created plan, executed regularly will help you interact better with your audience and analyze social media trends specific to your business. These communication and analysis will give you rich rewards in terms of audience feedback, which will in turn enhance your strengths, identify your weak areas and thus enable you to improve your business.

How does someone find you and decide to do business with you on the web?

Potential clients often take a decision to associate with you or not through their research about you on Internet. Specifically they look at what people are talking about you on various social media marketing strategy platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Do you have an effective plan and presence in those channels?

How can Verbat help?

Social media entry and sustenance is not fishing from a bowl. Without the right kind of expertise, Social Media participation becomes technically challenging and time-consuming. Our customized social media solutions provide you with an array of options from custom designed corporate blogs that are seamlessly integrated with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to up-to-date reports that show traffic trends and audience opinion about your business on social media channels. While you focus on “what to communicate?” we focus on “how effectively your communication is?

How do we go about building a customized solution for you?

See our step-wise model below.

  1. We analyze your business and suggest suitable social media components to be integrated to your online website
  2. We integrate the social media components (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  3. We set-up a blog for you if required and design it to match your corporate branding guidelines
  4. We integrate the blog, with your social media presence with one-click automated publishing
  5. We monitor the traffic and comments on your blogs and social media presence and provide reports.

What are the pre-requisites to effectively use these services?

You will need the requisite social media marketing strategy accounts. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Digg etc. Other accounts have to be configured based on the package that you opt for.

Can you give a list of services that you are offering under social media services?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for these services as they are tailor-made for each business. But, provided below is a list of options from our bouquet to help you better understand the various possibilities of establishing a presence for your business in the social media space.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Verbat employs Social media marketing strategy expertise that will help you connect with potential audiences, drive considerable traffic and build up brand online.