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Search Engine Optimization Myths

There are 7 top SEO myths and misconceptions that are encountered on a daily basis these 7 are out of more than 20 existing myths. Actually, true world of Search Engine Optimization techniques and methods used to obtain higher rankings is not easy. In fact, there are no shortcuts and certainly no free coupons.

Since a decade long when HIM Partners actually started optimizing web sites for its clients and until today, we continuously see, read or hear hyperbolic claims or exaggerated numbers that claim to keep you on top of everyone else in the engines.

Suppose the process was this easy, any individual or company that owns a website can perhaps optimize it themselves and all professional SEO firms would run out of business.

SEO Myths

Here, we will showcase the 7 top SEO myths in the industry. Ironically, few are almost as old as the Internet itself. Though widely popular, we strongly disagree to follow any of the following seven techniques.

We are familiar with people and some prominent businesses that actually had their websites penalized or banned altogether from many of the search engines. The reason was simply because of the inconsiderate use of these ill-founded and forbidden techniques.

Industry's 7 top SEO myths:

Though these are the seven most common myths, there are at least a dozen more. Hence we recommend dealing with a respectable SEO firm that has the permanence, the tools and the skills to execute first-rate professional work on your website. To a great extend if your business or its livelihood depends on your website, is it worth risking or taking chances?

It is important to play fair and safe by doing everything right and the engines will treat you right. Also do keep in mind that the major search engines are only looking for two things: excellence and importance of their search results.

They would want their users to quickly discover quality content that is relevant to the search query. If the objective is focused, the road to success is easy to achieve. The key is to get your site optimized by a qualified firm that has the experience and the tools to do it right in the first take. You will be glad of the excellent outcome.

Traffic is not always bad.

Traffic on road may be annoying but the desire for more hits on your website is welcoming. Engage us to help you and see how your website works as a powerful business tools.