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15 Oct 2010

Quality Offshore Facility to Develop and Support

Outsourcing IT requirements like software or website development and web/ email hosting is a proven tactic to cut down an organization’s IT overheads. By outsourcing the software development and maintenance activities to Verbanet Technologies, the client has access to the excellent domain expertise of Verbanet Technologies that has been accumulated over a period of time.

Development and Support of Verbanet Team operates on an established Offshore Model. Verbanet would like to present some facts to those who consider ‘outsourced’ as a scary word. It is entirely an erroneous perception that by opting to develop software or website across the sea, the work quality is compromised for accounting a cheaper cost. We all receive non-professional email marketing campaigns from many overseas companies which do tend to leave wrong impressions about the place of origin. Some of you may even have previous experiences of dealing with IT development companies and being left meticulously underwhelmed with the project approach, communication issues and quality.

Verbanet is aware of the existing bad practices and believes it should stand out with exceptional services and support activities. With a professional outsourced partner an IT project can bring forth productive outcomes– faster, highly efficient, quality work with less risk and dedicated support. We strive to do the utmost at every stage of a project to ensure that the client is confident and comfortable with team communications and management style. Our investments on the Offshore team is high to ensure standards.  Our work is planned to ensure that time differences and travel is kept minimal. The offshore team is briefed on even cultural approaches of the onsite client and the best practices of communication.

The main objective of an Offshore Model is to offer cost effective solutions. However, our prices are fair but not too cheap as well; means poor quality and resource exploitation is totally ruled out. Our business model of outsourcing and offshoring is a positive case and a proof that selection of a right offshore development partner can be totally hassle free experience.

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