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14 Jul 2010

Technology for a Social Cause

Yet another cherished moment for Verbanet to see its mission on roll. As a leading technology provider of the region, the company is proud to associate with the Indian Diplomatic Mission in the UAE – the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi and the CG of India, Dubai in developing the web based attestation system to streamline the process of recruiting Indian Workers. Technology is turning to be a blessing to prospective Indian blue collar workers who wish to undertake employment in UAE.

Web based Attestation System is currently on a test phase and is expected to be rolled out to public in next few months. This system will enable all attestation services required by potential employers and workers to be centralized, linking the Indian missions with the UAE Ministry of Labour and the Protector General of Emigrants in India. An effective logical mechanism has been implemented in the portal engine to minimize the loop holes in the current manual attestation process and in turn will ensure that employee rights are met and sustained.

The new online system will be accessible to the Labor authorities in both India and the UAE, who can validate the employer, commitments and will provide a valuable record of not just recruitments, but also any violations that employers may commit.

For more details, please visit Gulf News.

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