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10 Feb 2010

Oxygen for Business

Valuing the opinion of Financial Experts that Global Recession is a by-product of complex and uncontrolled management practices, Verbanet has developed a package to address this scenario. A team of experts in various areas of technology and management is formed within the company to run this rescue mission. The service package consists of attractive service offers, price plans and consultation services which can help businesses to successfully see off the economic crisis. Idea is to help business owners and IT personals to evaluate the current systems and to check as of what needs to be added or deleted to ensure a better business delivery schema.

The campaign is named ‘V-ark’ alias ‘Verbanet Ark’ inspired by the Old Testament story of Noah’s Ark where pairs of each species were contained and preserved to flourish on a fertile tomorrow. Unlike, the Old Testament ark V-ark is crafted no just to contain or preserve. It distinctly delivers a crisp ideas on as of what methodology has to be adopted to ensure business success. Further the best part is that the campaign is focuses on itemized and industry based approach.

Verbanet team hereby welcomes its client and prospective associates to participate in the campaign and harvest the positive yield. For more details contact uae@verbat.com or dial 04-2973236

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