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Corporate Email Hosting Corporations have much more varied email needs than small businesses. For one, storage capacity is going to need to be very great to carry the high load of email. It's recommended that large businesses find a corporate email provider with 250 MB of storage. If a company were to run out of email disk space, it could turn into an organizational disaster.

In addition, a corporate email provider should provide other features such as an online calendar. This feature cannot be found in services like Gmail. A web-based calendar can be an extremely effective organizational tool. Using an application service provider (ASP) for corporate email can add overall organizational benefits that will trickle down to all facets of a corporation.

Without an IT management team, most corporations would quickly fall apart. If you use a corporate email host, you are in a sense hiring a separate IT management team to manage your email program. Imagine if your IT staff could work on other technological issues besides email management. Organizing in-house email can literally take up hours each day. By eliminating this need, your IT staff will have more time to work on other issues within the corporation.

A corporate email client needs to run quickly and be stable. Having email service go offline for even an hour can be as bad as running out of storage space. Load.com offers all of the above features: calendar integration, its own IT team, 250 MB disk space, and the reliability to run at peak performance every hour of the day, every day of the year.

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